Conferences & Workshops

The Ross Institute and Dr. Colin Ross regularly speak about Trauma and its effects and do so both in person and virtually. If you are interested in having Dr. Ross as a speaker, call Tere at 972-918-9588 or email Dr. Ross at

Upcoming Schedule

Date Location Contact
January 21, 2023 Trauma & Psychosis: Treatment Strategies
Envision Podcast
Dominique D'Anjou
January 27-28, 2023 Trauma Model Therapy
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Marco Mascioli
February 25, 2023 The Link Between Trauma, Depression and Borderline Personality
Envision Podcast
Dominique D'Anjou
March 4, 2023 Trauma Model Therapy w/ Ross & Melissa
Higher Thought Institute
September 22-23, 2023 Trauma Model Therapy
MMHCA Conference
Lansing, Michigan
James Blundo
November 25, 2023 Trauma, Dissociation & Psychosis
Virtual (3:00 Italy Time)
Costanzo Frau