Welcome to The Ross Institute

Introduction to Dr. Ross and The Ross Institute.

In Memory of Chris Costner Sizemore, the real Eve of "The Three Faces of Eve"

Dr. Ross has posted a video in memory of Chris Costner Sizemore, the real Eve of The Three Faces of Eve, who died on July 24, 2016. Chris Sizemore was a highly gifted painter, had been integrated for four decades, and made many contributions to the mental health field as a speaker.

"The Visitor" Receives Film of the Month Award

Dr. Ross and his Toronto-based film company, Green Boat Productions,, have recently received a Filmmaker of the Month Award from the Oasis Short Film Festival for The Visitor. The Visitor is Part 1 of a trilogy. Part 2 has been shot and is currently being edited.

Dr. Ross Interviews on Psyche Truth Channel

Dr. Ross has filmed a series of interviews with Corrina Rachel from They are posted on the Psyche Truth Channel on You Tube under the mind control section. Topics include CIA and military mind control, violence and mental illness, psychological trauma and mental illness, and problems with biological psychiatry.

Gnostic Media Interviews

Dr. Ross has done 4.5 hours of interviews with Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media covering a wide range of topics including mind control, psychiatric medications, the history of LSD and the philosophy of science.

Lecture at Grand Rapids Community College

Below are videos of three talks Dr. Ross gave to psychology students at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on February 23, 2016.

Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risks Due to Inherited Mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2

Dr. Ross discusses the relative roles of genes and environment in breast cancer for women who have the BRCA mutation. More discussion of Dr. Ross' interests in the cancer field can be found on The Trophoblast Model of Cancer page.