The Colin A. Ross Institute was formed in 1995 to further the understanding of psychological trauma and its consequences by providing educational services, research, and clinical treatment of trauma based disorders.

Recent Releases

  • Structural Dissociation
  • Trauma Model Therapy
  • The Trauma Model
  • The Control Of Eve
  • Be A Teammate With Yourself
  • Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder
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What's New

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Dr. Ross's speaking engagements for the next few months have been canceled or postponed due to coronavirus. When the pandemic clears and speaking engagements are booked, the website will be updated.

Announcing Trauma Education Essentials

On April 27, Dr. Ross will be presenting a webinar for Trauma Education Essentials on Treatment of DID: Techniques and Strategies for Stabilization.

"The Visitor" Receives Film of the Month Award

Dr. Ross and his Toronto-based film company, Green Boat Productions,, have recently received a Filmmaker of the Month Award from the Oasis Short Film Festival for The Visitor. The Visitor is Part 1 of a trilogy. Part 2 has been shot and is currently being edited.

More News

Trauma Education Essentials offers webinars for mental health professionals, and other health care providers, working with people who have experienced psychological trauma. Learn more at