Trauma Education

The Ross Instite offers education on psychological trauma in the form of certifications, webinars, and workshops, books, and more.

Trauma Model Therapy Certification

The Trauma Certification Program is intended for Therapists and Counselors, which include but is not limited to: Ph.D., LPC, LCSW, SW, LMFT, and allied professionals in the fields of behavioral health and mental health.

Trauma Education Essentials

Trauma Education Essentials offers online educational webinars that feature international experts in the field of trauma and will cover a diverse array of clinically relevant topics delivered in a dynamic and interactive online format. These webinars are rooted in a trauma-informed approach which rests on principles of safety, choice, collaboration, inclusivity, and empowerment.

Conferences & Workshops

The Ross Institute Speakers Group provides top level speakers on psychological trauma and its consequences. The Ross Institute also provides consultation for a wide variety of health care organizations throughout the nation.