Self Assessment for Trauma

The following self-assessment questions are not intended to provide a diagnosis or substitute for a professional evaluation.

  1. Have you ever experienced emotional abuse? By whom?
  2. Have you ever experienced neglect? By whom?
  3. Have you ever experienced physical abuse? By whom?
  4. Have you ever experienced sexual abuse? By whom?
  5. Do you ever have intrusive thoughts or images regarding the (emotional, neglectful, physical, and or sexual) experience that you previously mentioned?
  6. Do you ever experience flashbacks or feel like the abuse is still happening?
  7. Are your presenting symptoms (suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, inability to function, self injurious behaviors, or addictions) in any way associated with your past experience?
  8. Do you ever lose time?
  9. Do you feel you often act on impulses and don't have control over your behaviors?
  10. Do you have difficulty managing feelings of anger, sadness, shame, and rage?
  11. How did your family express their feelings when you were growing up?